60HP screw

  • 1. Wei's latest "Chilling Water Machine" service case

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    service hours:

    April 2020

    service industry:

    Jiangsu automatic latex pillow production line is equipped with a cooling system

    Equipment name:

    60HP water-cooled screw unit

    client needs:

    Temperature control, improve production efficiency


    According to the customer's site, design plan, arrange technical personnel on-site service

    Customer Reviews:

    Unanimously praised

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    2. Product and equipment information:

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    Equipment name:

    Water-cooled screw unit Model: WD-60WSCS

    Product parameters:

    A. Taiwan "Han Bell" 60HP * 1 single compressor Refrigerant: R22

    Voltage: 380V / 3Phase / 50Hz

       Cooling capacity: 207KW 177988Kcal / h 706698Btu / h

    Compressor style: semi-sealed screw type

    B. Japan Kobe high performance externally threaded copper tube 60HP shell and tube condenser, cooling water pressure loss: 40KPa

    C. Kobe, Japan, high performance internally threaded copper tube 60HP shell and tube evaporator

    Standard chilled water flow: 35.3M3 / H Cooling water pressure loss: 65KPa

    D. Emerson Precision Filter

    E. Japanese high and low pressure controller

    F. High and low pressure gauge STICO

    G. Microcomputer touch screen PLC control panel

    H. France Schneider Intermediate Relay

    I. French Schneider AC contactor

    J. Mitsubishi overload switch

    K. High temperature and high pressure explosion-proof device of condenser

    L, 5 points anti-shock lock valve

    M, Jindian R-22 refrigerant

    N. Refrigerant flow control: thermal expansion valve

    O. Thermostat: thermocouple module

    Low temperature protection, expansion valve, automatic fault alarm display

    Anti-freezing thermostat, compressor thermal protection, overcurrent relay

    P. Mechanical weight: 900KG Operating weight: 1100KG

    product price:

    Negotiable or electric


    Safe, energy efficient

    Applicable scene:

    Mold cooling in the plastics industry, electroplating pool cooling in the electroplating industry, various cooling in the electronics industry, various cooling in the chemical industry, various cooling in the pharmaceutical industry, cooling in the food industry, cooling constant temperature in the preservation industry, and cooling in various air-conditioning equipment. Including laser, chemical industry, electroplating oxidation, precision equipment, ink, printing, medical equipment, injection molding absorption behavior, food freezing and refrigeration, boiler roller interlayer, electronic circuit board industry;

    Product advantages:

    Mature technology and reliable quality

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