Philosophy:  Integrity Responsibility


Honesty is a basic virtue that the Chinese nation has always advocated for thousands of years, and it is also an important moral code in today's world market economy and society. In an environment where various ideologies and cultures are in conflict with each other, it is even more important to promote honesty and friendship in the whole society and build a social honesty system in order to better build a socialist harmonious society. Proud of Customer Satisfaction Serving wholeheartedly to satisfy our customers. Putting customers first is always our goal. 100% customer satisfaction is our work standard and goal, and it is also a glorious enterprise. The pursuit of an enterprise is always consistent with the interests of customers.


Spirit:  Dedication, Thanksgiving

Dedication is the spirit of devotion to the cause. It is the inheritance of MCC's hard work and pursuit of excellence for a long time. Dedication is the pursuit of higher work goals, the courage to take on more important responsibilities, mastering better work skills, and cultivating better work. Businesses are loyal to the country and employees are loyal to the company. Enterprises shoulder the mission of maintaining and increasing the value of state-owned assets, and employees shoulder the responsibility of prosperity and long-term prosperity. Faithfulness, perseverance, due diligence, due diligence, perseverance and death. Promote the spirit of collaboration and cooperation within the company, and encourage mutual support, care, and help among employees to create a harmonious and healthy working environment for the company. The core connotation of progress is to advance with the times, strive for the first, eternal innovation, keep moving forward, and never stop. Tomorrow will always be better than today, stronger and bigger, and sustainable development.



General Development Strategy:

Strategic Core    Strategic Measures    Common Vision


Wei Machinery is committed to product innovation, thinking innovation, serving customers as its core strategy, building an industry-leading enterprise that adapts to modern machinery production systems, builds sustainable development, and has certain anti-risk capabilities; works closely with customers to co-start businesses and promote enterprises Establish a new business paradigm. To seize the greatest opportunity and win the best development; the principle of forward-looking awareness; take the domestic market as the basis for development; use modern technology as the strength; let Wei Machinery gradually become the leading enterprise in the Chinese market.


Corporate philosophy


Business Philosophy:  Honesty, Society, Customer Satisfaction, Proud

Corporate values:  dedication to society, return to shareholders, development of the company, and benefit of employees

Corporate style:  pride, tolerance, perseverance, courage

Brand concept:  casting quality products with heart

Innovative idea:  Dare to be the first to be brave to surpass

Implementation Philosophy:  Orders will be enforced. Prohibitions will stop.

Benefit concept:  limited resources, unlimited creation

Marketing concept:  promise a lot to customers

Service concept:  Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit

Talent concept:  let every employee have a suitable position