5HP air-cooled refrigerator

The cold water machine is used to cool the forming molds of plastic processing machinery, which can greatly improve the surface finish of plastic products and reduce the surface marks and internal stress of plastic products.

  • Effect of chiller on plastic machinery

    1. The chiller is used to cool the mold of the plastic processing machinery, which can greatly improve the surface finish of the plastic product, reduce the surface marks and internal stress of the plastic product, make the product not shrink or deform, facilitate the demoulding of the plastic product, and accelerate the product shaping Thereby greatly improving the production efficiency of the plastic molding machine;

    2. The chiller is used in numerical control machine tools, coordinate boring machines, grinders, machining centers, combined machine tools, and various types of precision machine tool spindle lubrication and cooling of the transmission medium of the hydraulic system. The machining accuracy of the machine tool.

    Application range

    Plastic industry: accurately control the mold temperature of various plastics processing, shorten the beer-plastic cycle, and ensure the stability of product quality.

    Electronic industry: Stabilize the molecular structure of electronic components on the production line, improve the pass rate of electronic components, used in the ultrasonic cleaning industry, effectively prevent the volatilization of expensive cleaning agents and the damage caused by volatilization.

    Electroplating industry: control the electroplating temperature, increase the density and smoothness of the plated parts, shorten the electroplating cycle, improve production efficiency, and improve product quality.

    Machinery industry: control the oil temperature of the oil pressure system, stabilize the oil temperature and oil pressure, prolong the use time of oil quality, improve the efficiency of mechanical lubrication, and reduce wear.

    Construction industry: supply chilled water for concrete to make the molecular structure of concrete fit the requirements of construction use, and effectively enhance the hardness and toughness of concrete.

    Vacuum coating: control the temperature of the vacuum coating machine to ensure the high quality of the coated parts.

    Food industry: Used for high-speed cooling after food processing to adapt it to packaging requirements. In addition, the temperature of fermented food is controlled.

    Pharmaceutical industry: In the pharmaceutical industry, it is mainly used to control the temperature control of fermentation drugs. Pharmaceutical companies should make full use of chiller equipment, continue to strengthen technological innovation on the basis of their advantages, and enhance the cost-effectiveness of chillers to better serve the pharmaceutical sector.