The chiller factory tells you how long the chiller needs to be cleaned

发表时间 :2020-05-08

After running for a period of time, the normal operation of the industrial chiller needs comprehensive maintenance and maintenance. For many companies, due to the relatively weak awareness of daily maintenance, after using industrial chillers for a long time, they have not completed effective maintenance for industrial chillers. If the industrial chiller lacks the necessary maintenance and maintenance, it means that the later operation failure rate of the industrial chiller is very high.

Even if the overall operation quality of the industrial chiller is high, if no maintenance or maintenance is performed within the specified time, it means that the industrial chiller may have different degrees of failure. Especially for many water-cooled industrial chillers, a large scale problem will occur after long-term operation. If the scale cannot be effectively cleaned, after a long period of accumulation, the scale of the scale will continue to expand, which directly affects the cooling effect of the industrial chiller . Operating industrial chillers under the premise that heat dissipation performance is affected, the energy consumption of equipment operation increases in a wide range, which seriously affects the stable operation of industrial chillers. How effective is the cleaning of industrial chiller equipment after half a year?

During the actual operation of the industrial chiller, in order to keep the operation of the industrial chiller safe and stable, after using it for half a year, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive cleaning of the industrial chiller. Especially for the places that are prone to fouling, it needs to be used as a key cleaning place, relying on various professional cleaning solvents to achieve better cleaning results, maintain industrial chillers with higher heat dissipation performance, and establish a constant for the enterprise in a shorter time The low temperature environment improves the overall efficiency of the enterprise.

 If the frequency of use of industrial chillers is higher and the environment is harsher, in order to reduce the probability of various failures of industrial chillers, the cleaning time can be advanced. As long as there are problems such as increased energy consumption, etc., they can perform comprehensive cleaning and maintenance of industrial chillers. Proper cleaning and maintenance can extend the service life of industrial chillers and avoid various failures that affect the safe operation of industrial chillers.

The specific time for the comprehensive cleaning of industrial chillers needs to be determined according to the environment used by the enterprise. If the use environment of the enterprise is relatively clean, the cleaning time can be extended properly. On the contrary, the enterprise needs to complete the cleaning in advance to maintain the stable operation of the industrial chiller, so as to avoid various failures affecting the normal use of industrial chillers.

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