What are the reasons for the fan of the air-cooled chiller not running

发表时间 :2020-05-08

Many water sources are lacking in areas, or air-cooled chillers used for cooling and cooling of supporting mechanical equipment. After several years of use, some minor faults may occur. The more common possibility is that the fan of the unit is not running, so today I will share with you the reasons and solutions for the fan of the air-cooled chiller unit.

    1. The motor winding of the fan burns out. Solution: replace the motor or rewind the coil.

    Second, the belt is damaged. Solution: replace the belt.

    3. The fan relay is burnt out. Solution: replace the relay.

    4. Loose wire connection. Solution: Check and tighten the wire connection.

    5. The fan motor bearing is stuck. Solution: replace the bearing.

The functions of the air-cooled chiller and the water-cooled chiller are the same, both are cooling and cooling, the main difference is that the cooling method is different. The fan of the air-cooled chiller is very important. It is a part of the finned condenser of the air-cooled chiller that continuously exchanges with air. Once the heat dissipation is not good, it directly affects the chiller's normal cooling.

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