What are the reasons for the poor cooling effect of industrial chillers?

发表时间 :2020-05-08

Chiller is a kind of equipment that provides constant temperature, constant current and other effects. It is widely used in the fields of pharmaceutical industry, food industry, plastic industry, machinery industry and so on. In response to the problem of poor cooling effect of chillers, some insiders said that general industrial chillers have a certain life span. After good use and regular maintenance, the good quality chiller can last for more than ten years.

However, if it has been overloaded for a long time, the spare parts of the industrial chiller may be affected to a certain extent, which will cause various failures of the industrial chiller. Industry insiders said.

Experts pointed out that there are many reasons for the poor cooling effect of industrial chillers, and the common reason is that the industrial chillers are not regularly maintained. If not maintained regularly, it is easy to cause more dust accumulation in the internal parts of the industrial chiller, the heat cannot be effectively taken away, the equipment is in a high-load operating state for a long time, and the cooling effect is not as good as before.


According to the supplement, under normal circumstances, as long as the selection of the industrial chiller is correct and its cooling capacity matches the heating equipment, then in addition to the failure of the industrial chiller, the reason for the poor cooling effect of the industrial chiller is that the chiller does not Get effective maintenance.

It can be seen that the maintenance work of the chiller affects the cooling effect of the equipment. According to reports, in the process of using industrial chillers, users should regularly remove and wash the dust filter of the chiller, clean the dust on the condenser of the chiller, and periodically replace the circulating cooling water (purified water or distilled water). If there is a supporting industrial chiller Filter, you need to replace the filter element regularly to ensure that the water quality is clean. In addition, the ambient temperature of the industrial chiller cannot be too high. If the ambient temperature of the industrial chiller is relatively bad, the cooling effect of the chiller will also be affected.

Some customers also raised questions, what should they do if they encounter poor cooling effect due to the failure of the industrial chiller?

According to experts, there are generally two types of chiller failures that cause the chiller's cooling effect to deteriorate, and you can respond according to the corresponding problem. The first one is that there is a problem with the industrial chiller thermostat and the temperature control cannot be achieved. It is recommended to contact the after-sales technician to replace the thermostat; the second one is to leak the refrigerant in the cooling system. And refill the refrigerant.

In addition to regular maintenance and reasonable use of equipment. The editor believes that when an enterprise uses an ice chiller, the correct operation method is also very important. Only the correct operation method can ensure the normal and stable operation of the industrial chiller. If there are too many wrong operation behaviors, it will directly affect the normal use of the equipment. In severe cases, it may even cause more failures and affect the cooling performance of the industrial chiller.

Therefore, when an enterprise uses an industrial chiller, it is necessary to learn the correct operation method and regular maintenance to ensure the correct operation of the equipment and extend the life of the equipment.

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